The Best Outdoor Firepit for Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining

If you really want to impress your guests, why not try an outdoor firepit? They are perfect for those cool nights that you want to spend outside.

Outdoor firepits are becoming increasingly common, especially in modern, trendy homes, and it’s incredible how much they range in style. Lots of people are trying DIY firepits, and a common trend is a design almost resembling an old well. These are great for groups of guests to gather around. With the VisionLINE MK2 Outdoor Firepit, there’s no need for DIY. Get an easy-to-use stainless steel, smokeless firepit to add warmth and character to your outdoors.

portable outdoor fire pit by the pool

Outdoor Firepit Designs

There are a lot of firepits now that are well-designed for guests to sit around on seats or even outdoor lounges, by the barbeque or out by the pool. The VisionLINE fire pit is unique and portable with more flame and less smoke – perfect for those cooler evenings with guests, wherever you choose to entertain.

Some very ambitious people have even put firepits next to their outdoor spas, which is taking the luxury up to an almost unreasonable level! 

Outdoor firepit designs can vary both in aesthetics and safety. Some have been popping up, almost literally, as some people are creating firepits literally within their bluestone patios. Impressive, maybe? Smart? Absolutely not. 

Of course, the best kind firepit is one that keeps you and your guests warm, looks sensational, gives off minimal smoke and can achieve all this without burning you, of course. Importantly, it can be a feature of your home without being intrusive. Our firepit with flue ticks all of these boxes.

Learn more about the VisionLINE portable outdoor firepit and level up your outdoors with a fire pit in your backyard.