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Seeking a touch of comfort and elegance for your home in Hobart? Explore the range of electric fireplaces provided by us at VisionLINE.

We design and manufacture premium quality fireplaces, venting systems, and fireside accessories to meet the unique requirements of the Australian market. Our product range complements any interior decor, transforming your living space into a cosy and inviting environment. After all, we care about your comfort at home.


VisionLINE Linear – Electric Wall Fireplace in Hobart

Redefine your living space with our VisionLINE Linear electric wall fireplaces. With easy integration and high-tech LED systems, these fireplaces become the focal point of any room. The slim design makes it easy to install on any wall, even in tight spaces.

Adjust flame colours, intensity and heat settings using the provided remote control, and immerse yourself in the ambience without worrying about safety or efficiency. Enjoy perfect heating solutions for your Hobart home with our electric wall fireplaces.

VisionLINE View – 3 Sided Electric Fireplace in Hobart

Experience a 360-degree view of dancing flames with the VisionLINE View 3 sided electric fireplaces.

They can be installed as single-sided or corner designs, making them a perfect fit for any living space in Hobart. The fireplace provides the right amount of heat with energy-saving LED technology, with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

VisionLINE Vesta – Modern Electric Fireplace in Hobart

Are you seeking an environmentally-friendly heating solution for your Hobart home? Our VisionLINE Vesta offers not just warmth but also a modern and visually appealing decor piece.

With an LCD panel that displays realistic flames and sounds, these fireplaces recreate the traditional fireplace experience without the drawbacks.

Why Choose VisionLINE Fireplaces and Flue Systems for Electric Fireplaces in Hobart?

Why should you choose VisionLINE when it comes to electric fireplaces in Hobart?

  • Safety and Efficiency: We use advanced technology in our fireplaces to maintain all legal safety measures.
  • Premium Quality Fireplaces: Our fireplaces come with durable venting systems and accessories, perfect for the well-insulated homes in Hobart.
  • Energy Friendly: Our products are designed to reduce environmental impact.
  • Innovative Technology: We make our electric fireplaces user-friendly for the convenience of our customers.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: We also provide service plans and a distribution network, making our products accessible for all customers.

Make the most of our services in Hobart for exceptional electric fireplace installations.

How to Maintain Your Electric Fireplace in Hobart?

Maintaining an electric fireplace is simpler than a traditional one. The absence of real flames eliminates the need for regular cleaning of ashes and soot.

The LED lights used in our VisionLINE fireplaces are long-lasting. However, routine checks are recommended to ensure optimal functionality. Check for cord damage from time to time and avoid overheating.

Experience the joy of a warm, welcoming space in Hobart with our electric fireplaces. Call 1300 219 875 for more details and make a wise, sustainable heating solution choice for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions for Electric Fireplaces in Hobart

What types of electric fireplaces are available in Hobart?

VisionLINE in Hobart offers a variety of electric fireplaces such as the Linear electric wall fireplace for seamless integration into any space, and the View 3 sided electric fireplace for a 360-degree flame view. We also offer the Vesta model for those seeking an environmentally-friendly and aesthetically pleasing fireplace experience.

How do I choose the right electric fireplace for my Hobart home?

Consider factors such as size, style, and heat output. VisionLINE’s Linear model is perfect for compact spaces, and a 3 sided electric fireplace is a great choice if you want a grand display of flames. If aesthetic is key, VisionLINE’s Vesta offers customisable flame colours.

Why should I choose VisionLINE for electric fireplaces in Hobart?

VisionLINE offers safety, efficiency, quality, and eco-friendly products. Our fireplaces are equipped with advanced and user-friendly technology. Additionally, we offer comprehensive warranties, extensive service plans, and a reliable distribution network, making our products accessible to all customers.

How should I maintain my electric fireplace in Hobart?

The maintenance of an electric fireplace is simpler than traditional ones. Regular cleaning for ashes and soot isn’t needed due to the absence of real flames. However, routine checks for cord damage and ensuring the LED lights are functioning optimally are recommended to ensure optimal functionality.

Can I contact VisionLINE for more information on electric fireplaces in Hobart?

Yes. For more details on electric fireplaces in Hobart, you can reach VisionLINE by calling 1300 219 875. We provide further advice and guidance to assist your decision on making a wise, sustainable heating solution choice for your home.

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