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We offer premium quality fireplaces to homeowners, renovators, and property developers throughout the Gold Coast.

We design, manufacture and create distinctive and durable fireplaces, venting systems, and fireside accessories suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. VisionLINE is the pinnacle of modern fireplace technology, delivering comfort throughout the colder months. After all, we care about your comfort at home.

Embellishing Spaces with Electric Fireplaces on the Gold Coast

Electric fireplaces are convenient, versatile and eco-friendly, and we offer a stunning collection of electric fireplaces such as the VisionLINE Vesta, a modern electric fireplace that creates the perfect ambiance with realistic flames by high-end LCD technology.

Then there is our VisionLINE View, a 3-sided electric fireplace adaptable as a cornerstone feature or a single-sided centrepiece. Likewise, the VisionLINE Linear Electric Wall Fireplace showcases a sleek front-vent design that makes it an easy-to-mount source of warmth.

Wood Fireplaces – Rustic Charm on the Gold Coast

Create a cosy atmosphere during colder nights with our wood fireplaces. The VisionLine Phoenix Wood Burner Stove integrates seamlessly with or without existing furniture, while the VisionLINE Taurus cultivates a classy ambiance as a slow combustion wood heater.

The VisionLINE Circle Compact Round Wood Heater and the VisionLINE Pera introduce sophistication with unique designs.

For those who prefer something more traditional and rustic, VisionLINE wood fireplaces like the VisionLINE Phoenix Freestanding Wood Heater are the perfect choice. Each of our wood fireplaces delivers a beautiful flame and a generous amount of heat!

Slow Combustion Fireplaces for Efficiency in Gold Coast

Offering slow combustion fireplaces , VisionLINE aims to help homeowners enjoy maximum heat with minimum fuel.

The VisionLINE Taurus is a slow combustion wood heater that provides a low emission and high-efficiency heating solution. This brings a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living space.

Styling Spaces – Our Fireplace Accessories on the Gold Coast

Our range also includes fireplace accessories such as the VisionLINE Default Flue System, VisionLINE Air Flue System, and innovative Fireplace Flue Technology designed to increase the efficiency and safety of our products.

Integrate our fireplaces into your home’s design scheme for optimum performance and longevity!

Why Choose VisionLINE Fireplaces and Flue Systems on the Gold Coast

VisionLINE stands out for various reasons, but why should you choose us for your home?

  • Cutting-edge Design: Our modern, sleek, and innovatively designed fireplaces are eye-catchers in any space.
  • Quality Assurance: We promise premium quality fireplaces and flue systems that meet Australian standards for safety and proficiency.
  • Environmental Friendly: Our products are built to reduce environmental footprint without compromising performance.
  • Wide Range: We offer a wide variety of fireplaces suitable for indoors or outdoors, including electric and wood fireplaces, and slow combustion ones.
  • Trusted Manufacturer: We offer years of experience and commitment to excellence.

Making The Most of Fireplaces on the Gold Coast

Investing in a VisionLINE fireplace is about improving the aesthetics of your environment, creating a cosy ambience, and increasing the value of your property.

Whether you prefer modern electric fireplaces or traditionally styled wood ones, VisionLINE offers unmatched quality and style. Give us a call today on 1300 219 875, or browse our online store for the best fireplace and flue systems in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions for Fireplaces on the Gold Coast

What type of fireplaces does VisionLINE offer for homes on the Gold Coast?

VisionLINE offers a wide variety of premium quality fireplaces, including electric fireplaces, wood fireplaces, and slow combustion ones. Our range is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Are VisionLINE's electric fireplaces eco-friendly?

Yes, electric fireplaces at VisionLINE are designed to be eco-friendly. They have risen in popularity due to their convenient, versatile, and environmentally friendly qualities.

Can VisionLINE's fireplaces be integrated into my existing home design on the Gold Coast?

Absolutely. Whether it’s the modern electric fireplaces or the rustic wood ones, are designed to integrate into your existing home design on the Gold Coast. We also offer various fireplace accessories that ensure optimum performance and longevity of our products.

Why should I choose VisionLINE for my fireplace needs on the Gold Coast?

You should choose VisionLINE due to our cutting-edge design, quality assurance, environmentally friendly products, wide range, and our reputation as a trusted manufacturer. We offer fireplaces that not only add to the aesthetics and comfort of your environment but also increase the value of your property.

How can I contact VisionLINE for my fireplace needs on the Gold Coast?

You can contact VisionLINE by calling us at 1300 219 875. Browse our online store for the finest collection of fireplaces and flue systems in Australia. Let us keep you warm, in style and comfort. Your perfect fireplace is just a call away.

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