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When the temperature starts to drop, VisionLINE offers just what you need, with premium-quality electric fireplaces that can perfectly fit into any home.

Apart from functionality, our fireplaces, venting systems, and fireside accessories also add a stylish touch to any setting. After all, we care about your comfort at home.


Premium Vesta Electric Fireplaces in Newcastle

The VisionLINE Vesta is a marvel of contemporary design and innovation. The new-age LCD technology allows you to enjoy realistic flames along with crisp and soothing sounds of a real wood fire. What adds to the appeal is the USB port that lets you customise flames with 14 colour combinations.

Offering as high as 2 kilowatts of heat output, this electric fireplace can be controlled with a remote, making it a seamless addition to any modern lifestyle. It’s perfect for Newcastle families looking to add an elegant touch to interiors.

Beautiful View 3-Sided Electric Fireplaces

Our VisionLINE View 3-sided electric fireplace is as beautiful as it is versatile. It is characterised by its captivating three-sided design and timber framing.

Another remarkable feature of this fireplace is its LED technology. Not only does it reduce energy consumption, but it also allows the installation of a television directly above the fireplace, a feature that properties in Newcastle will find attractive.

Captivating Linear Electric Wall Fireplaces

The VisionLINE Linear electric wall fireplace will be the focal point of any room in your Newcastle home. With an ultra-sleek and thin design, your house will be given a modern touch.

This fireplace is also easy to install and safe to use, making it the perfect investment for homeowners looking to enhance their homes.

Why Choose VisionLINE Fireplaces and Flue Systems for Electric Fireplaces in Newcastle?

Choosing VisionLINE as your supplier of electric fireplaces in Newcastle puts you at an advantage. Here are the reasons why we stand apart from the competition:

  • Safety and Efficiency: Our systems are contemporary and revolutionary, complying with Australian standards. We prioritise safety and optimise efficiency.
  • Premium Quality Fireplace: We offer venting systems and fireside accessories, ideal for well-insulated properties.
  • Energy Friendly: We focus on reduced environmental impact.
  • Innovative Technology: Simple and user-friendly, our fireplace systems are extremely easy to operate.
  • Comprehensible Warranty: We offer comprehensive warranties, including service plans and extended coverage by our vast distribution network.

Elevating Your Indoors with Electric Fireplaces in Newcastle

Whether you’re searching for a fireplace for your Melbourne, Sydney, or Sunshine Coast property, you can trust us to customise a warm and inviting environment.

We develop a lasting relationship with our customers, ensuring that they get the most from our product. Transform your home into a cosy sanctuary with our electric fireplaces. Contact our friendly representatives at 1300 219 875 today. Whether you require assistance with technical support, product information, or installation, we are just a call away.

Frequently Asked Questions for Electric Fireplaces in Newcastle

Where can I find premium-quality electric fireplaces in Newcastle?

You can find premium-quality electric fireplaces at VisionLINE in Newcastle. They offer a wide range of products that not only provide warmth but also add a stylish touch to any setting.

Can I customise the flame colours on the Vesta electric fireplace I purchased in Newcastle?

Yes, the VisionLINE Vesta electric fireplace available in Newcastle features new-age LCD technology and a USB port that allows you to customise the flames with 14 impressive colour combinations.

Are VisionLINE's 3-sided electric fireplaces energy-efficient?

Absolutely, VisionLINE’s 3-sided electric fireplaces in Newcastle use LED technology to effectively reduce energy consumption. It is an excellent choice for those looking to increase warmth while minimising environmental impact.

What safety features are included in VisionLINE's electric wall fireplaces in Newcastle?

VisionLINE’s electric wall fireplaces designed for Newcastle homes come equipped with advanced safety features. We also prioritise efficiency and uphold the highest standards of quality to deliver durability and longevity.

What makes VisionLINE a recommended supplier of electric fireplaces in Newcastle?

VisionLINE stands apart from other suppliers in Newcastle because of our focus on safety and efficiency, premium-quality fireplaces, commitment to reduced environmental impact, user-friendly and innovative technology, and warranties.

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