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Whether you are seeking a stylish, modern heating solution for your Sunshine Coast home or are aiming to reduce your environmental footprint, electric fireplaces are a great choice.

At VisionLINE, we design, manufacture, and offer exceptional quality electric fireplaces. After all, we care about your comfort.


Choosing Electric Fireplaces for Your Sunshine Coast Home

Electric fireplaces offer a practical and efficient heating solution. Our VisionLINE Linear Electric Wall Fireplace features a sleek design that can instantly transform your home. Installation is easy, and the unit can be controlled remotely to adjust flame colour, height, and temperature.

Moreover, electric fireplaces are remarkably safe compared to traditional fireplaces. There’s no risk of ash or sparks damaging your home’s interior or causing unwanted fires.

Whether you live in a house, an apartment, or are in the process of a renovation, electric fireplaces are a versatile, modern, and efficient heating choice.

Experience Innovative Electric Fireplace Designs on the Sunshine Coast

Incorporating the latest technology, VisionLINE offers three distinctive electric fireplace options for Sunshine Coast residents. The VisionLINE View 3 Sided Electric Fireplace features a versatile design that can be placed as a single-sided unit or a statement-making corner design.

For modern and minimalist homes, the VisionLINE Linear Electric Wall Fireplace creates a stunning focal point. With a slim profile and front vents, it’s easy to install on any wall without significant changes to your home’s structure.

Lastly, the VisionLINE Vesta Modern Electric Fireplace showcases an excellent blend of form and function. It features LCD technology for realistic flames and a USB port to customise flames with 14 different colour combinations.

Enhance the Ambience in Your Sunshine Coast Home with Electric Fireplaces

Investing in an electric fireplace from VisionLINE allows you to control your home’s ambience. Electric fireplaces are an excellent way to create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere at the tap of a button.

The lack of smoke emissions makes them an ideal choice for homes with people who are sensitive to smoke or suffer from respiratory ailments.

With a fire safety rating conforming to Australian standards, VisionLINE electric fireplaces are among the safest heating appliances on the market.

Why Choose VisionLINE Fireplace and Flue Systems on the Sunshine Coast?

Here are a few reasons to choose VisionLINE:

  • Our electric fireplaces are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • All our fireplace units, including the venting systems and accessories, meet Australian standards for safety and efficiency.
  • Our product designs are modern and user-friendly, but if you need assistance, our technical support team is only a phone call away at 1300 219 875.
  • We provide a comprehensive warranty and have a vast distribution network, ensuring our products are readily available to our customers.

Understanding Electric Fireplaces – A Guide for Sunshine Coast Residents

Electric fireplaces are an increasingly popular choice. Electric fireplaces have come a long way in terms of aesthetics, too. Units like our VisionLINE Vesta offer customisable flame colours to suit your mood, perfect for those who really want a fireplace to serve as a centrepiece to a room.

So, if you’re a homeowner in the Sunshine Coast region, Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, or Newcastle, contact the VisionLINE team today at 1300 219 875.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Fireplaces on the Sunshine Coast

Why should I choose an Electric Fireplace for my Sunshine Coast home?

Electric fireplaces are an excellent choice for homes due to a sleek design, ease of use, and efficiency. They provide a modern and clean heating solution compared to traditional fireplaces. They’re also safe, eliminating the risk of ash or sparks causing damage or uncontrolled fires.

What types of Electric Fireplaces Does VisionLINE offer on the Sunshine Coast?

VisionLINE offers three distinct electric fireplace models. These are the VisionLINE View, which is a three-sided electric fireplace, the VisionLINE Linear, an electric wall fireplace, and the VisionLINE Vesta, a modern electric fireplace with customisable flame colours.

Are VisionLINE's Electric Fireplaces energy-efficient and environmentally friendly?

Yes, electric fireplaces from VisionLINE are designed with energy-efficiency and eco-friendliness in mind. They use LED or LCD technology, reducing energy consumption while providing realistic flames.

How Safe are Electric Fireplaces on the Sunshine Coast?

Electric fireplaces, such as those offered by VisionLINE, conform to Australian safety standards. These units present no risk of ash or sparks causing damage or fires. They are an ideal choice for homes with children or pets due to their high fire safety rating.

Can I customise the flame colour of my Electric Fireplace?

Yes, with the VisionLINE Vesta model, you can alter the flame colours using a remote control. This feature adds to the ambience and makes your electric fireplace a versatile centrepiece for Sunshine Coast home.

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