Indoor Fireplaces Newcastle

Whether you’re a homeowner, renovator, or property developer in Newcastle, a fireplace can transform your space.

At VisionLINE, we design, manufacture and create premium quality indoor fireplaces, so you’re investing in the best in terms of a reliable product. After all, we care about your comfort at home.

Electric Wall Fireplaces – Newcastle’s Modern Heating Solution

The VisionLINE Linear is an electric wall fireplace that is becoming a popular choice in Newcastle homes due to its sleek design and ease of use. This fireplace can be mounted on the wall and plugged in.

A remote allows you to control flame colour, height, and temperature, optimising your comfort.  Likewise, it operates at only 14 cm in depth, one of the thinnest in the industry.

3-Sided Electric Fireplaces – Add Class to Every Corner in Newcastle

The VisionLINE View 3-Sided Electric Fireplace is as versatile as it is stylish for your spaces. It can be a single-sided installation or a corner design fit, perfect for adding value to any Newcastle property.

Whether you are a homeowner seeking an upgrade or a property developer in Newcastle, this indoor fireplace is a remarkable solution that brings a touch of class.

Wood Burner Stove – A Timeless Addition to Newcastle Homes

The VisionLINE Spin Wood Burner Stove is a timeless choice that adds a warm ambience to your Newcastle property. These stoves are efficient, cost-effective and a sustainable heating solution.

Whether you live in a traditional or modern home, the VisionLINE Spin Wood Burner Stove is a stylish addition to your living space.

Compact Round Wood Heater – Efficient Heating for Newcastle

The VisionLINE Circle Compact Round Wood Heater is a compact and highly efficient choice for all residents across Australia.

With a simple design, you can enjoy the aesthetics and comforting warmth of a wood fire without large space commitments. It’s a wonderful addition to your Newcastle home irrespective of its size, style, or layout.

Why Choose VisionLINE Fireplace and Flue Systems for Indoor Fireplaces in Newcastle?

Newcastle homeowners should choose use for a fireplace purchase, and there are many reasons why:

  • Premium Quality Fireplaces: Including venting systems and fireside accessories.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Our systems meet Australian standards, prioritising safety in the home.
  • Energy-Friendly Products: We aim to reduce environmental impact.
  • Innovative Technology: Our user-friendly electric fireplaces offer convenience.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: We also cover service plans with our reliable, vast distribution network.

Make your home cosy, stylish, and comfortable. To experience the VisionLINE difference, browse our range online or contact us on 1300 219 875 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions for Indoor Fireplaces in Newcastle

What types of indoor fireplaces does VisionLINE offer in Newcastle?

VisionLINE offers different types of indoor fireplaces in Newcastle including electric wall fireplaces, 3-sided electric fireplaces, wood burner stoves, and compact round wood heaters.

Are the indoor fireplaces from VisionLINE energy-efficient?

Yes, the indoor fireplaces from VisionLINE in Newcastle are energy-efficient. Both the 3-sided electric fireplace and the electric wall fireplace use high-intensity LED lights and consume less energy.

How easy is it to install a VisionLINE indoor fireplace in my Newcastle home?

VisionLINE indoor fireplaces are designed with modern lifestyle in mind. For instance, our electric wall fireplace can be easily mounted to your wall and plugged in, making it a simple and convenient addition to your Newcastle home.

Does VisionLINE provide any warranty for its indoor fireplaces in Newcastle?

Yes, VisionLINE offers a comprehensive warranty for its indoor fireplaces. This includes service plans and we also boast a vast distribution network.

What maintenance does a VisionLINE indoor fireplace require in Newcastle?

Regular service of VisionLINE indoor fireplaces includes cleaning the flue, checking seals and ensuring the unit is burning efficiently. If you’re unsure about maintenance, you can hire a professional service. Regular use of accessories like the Stove Top Fan or Stove Top Oven can also optimise your fireplace usage, and insulated flue kits can even allow you to cook with your fireplace.

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