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Looking for high-quality and efficient wood fireplaces for your home in Brisbane? You’ve landed on the right page! VisionLINE Fireplaces and Flue Systems is the leading provider of wood heaters during the colder months.

With our premium range of fireplaces, we offer modernity for your property. After all, we care about your comfort at home.


VisionLINE Spin – The Ultimate Wood Burner Stove in Brisbane

Are you after a fireplace that serves as a source of warmth for your living space? VisionLINE Spin is the perfect combination of class, functionality, and impressive heating ability. This superior wood burner stove generates heat as it rotates, offering a full view of the fire from any angle.

Plus, it comes with durable materials that withstand the Brisbane weather conditions, including the wet winters. With simple installation, VisionLINE Spin ensures an eco-friendly heating solution for your home. And the sphere designed front lets you enjoy the view of dancing flames all year round!

VisionLINE Circle – Round Wood Heaters for a Compact Brisbane Home

For homeowners looking for compact heating, VisionLINE Circle comes into the picture. This round wood heater works exceptionally well even in limited space areas.

With our Circle wood heater, you can expect a steady supply of heat during Brisbane’s colder nights so your home is snug and cosy.

VisionLINE Taurus – Slow Combustion Wood Heaters Brisbane

When it comes to efficient heating, the VisionLINE Taurus stands out with its slow combustion capabilities. Designed to release heat slowly, it can warm your home for extended periods without needing constant refuelling. The ability to control the combustion rate makes it a highly energy-saving heating solution.

The Taurus is a stylish design that suits any interior décor or style and helps in creating a cosy atmosphere. It’s a heater with style!

Embrace the Brisbane Winter with VisionLINE Phoenix

The VisionLINE Phoenix is a freestanding wood heater designed for those cold Brisbane winter nights. It has a large burning chamber, allowing you to extend the burning time by placing bigger logs.

Its freestanding design makes it a versatile addition to any room. Besides, it’s a great space-saver for smaller rooms or apartments. So, whether you’re having a quiet night in or hosting a winter gathering, the Phoenix has what you want to stay comfortable.

VisionLINE Pera – Modern Wood Fireplace in Brisbane

For those who prefer a modern look for homes, we recommend the VisionLINE Pera wood fireplace. Designed with cutting-edge technology, this fireplace option provides an unbeatable heating performance while adding a chic touch to your space.

Why Choose VisionLINE Fireplace and Flue Systems for Wood Fireplaces in Brisbane?

Why invest in VisionLINE wood fireplaces? There are many reasons!

  • Unique and Innovative Designs. Our fireplaces feature modern, cutting-edge designs that are sure to complement any interior décor.
  • Safe and Efficient: All our fireplaces comply with the safety standards in Australia.
  • High Quality Fireplaces: We offer high-quality, durable fireplaces and venting systems which are ideal for the Brisbane climate.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our fireplaces reduce environmental impact.
  • Excellent Warranty and Support: We offer a comprehensive warranty that covers service plans, along with a reliable, vast distribution network.

Browse through our exclusive range and select the best wood heater for your spaces. For further details, call us at 1300 219 875. We’re always happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions for Wood Fireplaces in Brisbane

What are some of the best wood fireplaces available for homes in Brisbane?

VisionLINE Fireplaces and Flue Systems provide some of the best wood fireplaces in Brisbane. Their range includes the VisionLINE Spin, VisionLINE Circle, VisionLINE Taurus, VisionLINE Phoenix, and VisionLINE Pera, all known for their unique designs, efficiency, and durability.

Can I find a good quality wood heater in Brisbane?

Yes, VisionLINE offers high-quality wood heaters in Brisbane. The VisionLINE Taurus presents excellent slow combustion wood heaters, offering effective and energy-saving heating solutions.

Are the wood fireplaces in Brisbane safe and eco-friendly?

All VisionLINE wood fireplaces comply with Australian safety standards and are designed to be eco-friendly. We offer a great combination of style and environmental consciousness.

Where can I find modern designed wood fireplaces in Brisbane?

VisionLINE offers a range of modern and stylish wood fireplaces in Brisbane. Popular ones include VisionLINE Spin and VisionLINE Pera, which are known for cutting-edge design and technology.

Does VisionLINE offer warranty and support for their wood heaters in Brisbane?

Yes, VisionLINE offers an excellent warranty package covering service plans. We have a vast distribution network that offers comprehensive support to customers in Brisbane and nearby areas.

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