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If you’re in Melbourne and you’re seeking a warm, inviting space during the cooler months, investing in a VisionLINE fireplace can transform your home.

Featuring a collection of beautiful, energy-efficient fireplaces and accessories, we have many options to choose from. Whether it’s electric fireplaces, wood-burning options, or slow combustion models, our products meet your indoor and outdoor needs while complying with Australian standards. After all, we care about your comfort at home.

Electric Fireplaces in Melbourne – VisionLINE VIEW – 3 Sided Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are a popular choice amongst our Melbourne clients. Not only do they offer effortless installation, but they also bring a sleek, modern look to any home.

  • Among our electric models, our VisionLINE Vesta Modern Electric Fireplace stands out with its LCD technology, displaying the realistic flames of a wood fire. Perfect for apartments and smaller spaces in Melbourne, the Vesta is an excellent choice designed to add ambience and warmth to your home.
  • Our VisionLINE View 3 Sided Electric Fireplace has a versatile design that can serve as a centrepiece for your room. This fireplace doesn’t need a vent and can be installed virtually anywhere. Whether you’ve got a compact unit or a spacious apartment, this triple-sided beauty is a focal point.
  • Our VisionLINE Linear Electric Wall Fireplace gives homeowners comfort and style. Hung on the wall, it keeps the floor space clear while giving your room a cosy, luxurious feel. Wherever you are in Melbourne, our electric fireplaces are a popular choice for their energy-saving qualities and ease of use.

VisionLINE – Wood Fireplaces & Slow Combustion Fireplaces in Melbourne

Offering warmth when you need it, the VisionLINE spinWood Burner Stove is perfect for Melbourne residents fond of traditional fireplaces. The timeless appeal of a wood fire makes sure your home remains warm during the cooler months.

Furthermore, our VisionLINE Taurus Slow Combustion Wood Heater is another fantastic choice for those seeking long-lasting heat in Melbourne. This heater offers up to eight hours of burn time, making it a more efficient and sustainable method of heating your property.

VisionLINE –  Indoor and Outdoor Fireplaces for Melbourne Homes

VisionLINE extends into your outdoor spaces with our selection of modern fire pits and outdoor heaters. Create an entertaining spot and a warm, inviting setting for you and your guests.

For indoors, we have the VisionLINE Circle Compact Round Wood Heater and VisionLINE Pera Modern Wood Fireplace. Being small or medium-sized homes, these designs add to the decor while providing efficient heating.

Fireplace Accessories in Melbourne

We provide Melbourne customers with a variety of accessories to enhance their experience. These include insulated flue kits, air flue systems, default flue systems, and fireplace flue technology.

Investing in these accessories will ensure high performance from your fireplace and provide a safe, efficient heating experience.

Why Choose VisionLINE Fireplaces in Melbourne?

VisionLINE has made a name for itself for superior quality designed products. Here is why you should consider us:

  • Premium Fireplaces: Our fireplaces boast modern designs, ensuring they act as a stand-out feature in your Melbourne home.
  • Safety-First Approach: We ensure our fireplaces and accessories meet Australian safety standards.
  • Australian-Friendly Design: Understanding the Australian climate, we create fireplaces that cater to these unique climatic conditions.
  • Comprehensive Support: Our VisionLINE team in Richmond is available for installation information, technical support, or product query.

Making the Most Out of Your Fireplace in Melbourne

Once you’ve chosen the fireplace for your Melbourne home, there are ways to maximise its usage. Ensure the room is well-insulated to avoid heat escape, keep the fireplace and flue clean for efficient operation, and follow safety measures. Invest in our accessories for enhanced fireplace functionality.

Whether you reside in Hawthorn, Fitzroy or Collingwood, our VisionLINE fireplaces provide the warmth you need during winter. Contact us on 1300 219 875 or order online for a warmer, cosier space.

Frequently Asked Questions for Fireplaces in Melbourne

What types of fireplaces does VisionLINE offer in Melbourne?

VisionLine offers a variety of energy-efficient fireplaces for Melbourne homeowners, including electric models, wood-burning options, and slow combustion fireplaces.

Can I find modern electric fireplaces in Melbourne?

Yes, VisionLINE specialises in providing modern electric fireplaces in Melbourne, with models like the VisionLINE Vesta and VisionLINE View. These models offer realistic flame displays, no need for vents and can be installed in virtually any home in Melbourne.

What options does VisionLINE provide for traditional wood-burning fireplaces in Melbourne?

VisionLINE has options like the VisionLINE Spin Wood Burner Stove that offers warmth for Melbourne residents fond of traditional fireplaces. We have the VisionLINE Taurus Slow Combustion Wood Heater if you’re seeking long-lasting heat.

Does VisionLINE offer indoor and outdoor fireplaces in Melbourne?

Absolutely! VisionLINE offers a selection of modern fire pits and outdoor heaters for Melbourne homes, as well as indoor options like the VisionLINE Circle Compact Round Wood Heater and VisionLINE Pera Modern Wood Fireplace.

Besides fireplaces, what else does VisionLINE offer to Melbourne homes?

Alongside their range of fireplaces, VisionLINE also provides Melbourne customers with a variety of accessories to enhance fireplace experiences. These include insulated flue kits, air flue systems, default flue systems, and fireplace flue technology.

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