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Are you a lover of warmth and luxury? Welcome to VisionLINE, where your comfort meets style. At VisionLINE, we offer expertly designed and lasting wood fireplaces in the Sunshine Coast, providing the best heating solutions for people who value efficiency and elegance.

In chilly seasons, there’s no feeling like the warmth from a fireplace. We understand this, and our line of wood fireplaces are not only about the flames and heat. They make a statement and serve as a focal point, bringing your rooms to life in a comforting and inviting way.


VisionLINE Spin – Your Ideal Wood Burner Stove on the Sunshine Coast

Think beyond the regular; think a wood burner stove crafted with perfect ambiances in mind. Our VisionLINE Spin makes a perfect combo for comfort, style, and functionality. It’s designed with a focus on providing warmth in the most efficient and sustainable way.

Our Spin model boasts a unique spinning feature that allows you to adjust the direction of heat. It’s easy to use, just as it is easy to fall in love with. Imagine sitting around it, experiencing the warmth spreading round your room, creating a special retreat for everyone.

VisionLINE Circle – Compact Round Wood Heater on the Sunshine Coast

Designed to radiate heat the way you need it, our VisionLINE Circle is distinct for its compact circular design. It is perfect for those colder winter nights.

Bring an inviting warmth to any space and transform your interior with the ambiance it creates. With the Circle wood heater, you’re choosing a beautiful, modern heating addition that helps bring your room’s design together.

VisionLINE Taurus – Slow Combustion Wood Heater on the Sunshine Coast

If you appreciate style, warmth, energy efficiency, and low emissions, the VisionLINE Taurus is for you. This slow combustion wood heater is designed with high tech engineering that ensures a clean burn.

With the Taurus, you benefit from a heating system that is gentle on the environment and your wallet. When it comes to the cooler nights, a slow combustion wood heater is worth the investment.

VisionLINE Phoenix – Freestanding Wood Heater on the Sunshine Coast

The VisionLINE Phoenix stands independently as a functional piece. For homeowners looking to add a contemporary and visually stunning heating solution, the VisionLINE Phoenix stands as an excellent choice.

With its sleek design, the Phoenix is a focal point where you can gather around with friends and loved ones, creating memories with dancing flames providing a backdrop.

VisionLINE Pera – Modern Wood Fireplace Sunshine on the Coast

The VisionLINE Pera is the preferred modern wood fireplace for Sunshine Coast homeowners wanting to add a touch of elegance and efficient heating to their room.

Pera is designed with attention to detailed aesthetics without compromising heat efficiency. It is modern, stylish, easy to use, and perfect for every space.

Why Choose VisionLINE Fireplaces and Flue Systems for Wood Fireplaces on the Sunshine Coast

Why choose us for your wood fireplaces on the Sunshine Coast?

  • Guaranteed Safety and Efficiency: All our fireplaces meet Australian standards. We prioritise safety, making sure that our fireplace and flue systems are fitted with advanced safety features.
  • Premium Quality Fireplaces: Our fireplaces, venting systems, and fireplace accessories are of premium quality, assuring you get the best for your investment.
  • Energy-Efficient: VisionLINE fireplaces are designed to reduce environmental impact by being incredibly energy-efficient.
  • Innovative Technology: Our wood fireplaces are user-friendly and dependable.
  • Comprehensive Warranty: We offer comprehensive warranties covering product and service and have a reliable distribution network.

Frequently Asked Questions for Wood Fireplaces on the Sunshine Coast

What types of wood fireplaces are available at VisionLINE on the Sunshine Coast?

VisionLINE offers a range of wood fireplaces and wood heaters, including the VisionLine Spin, Circle, Taurus, Phoenix, and Pera. These fireplaces are known for their functional designs, energy efficiency, and the warmth and ambiance they bring to your spaces.

Why should I choose a VisionLINE wood fireplace for my Sunshine Coast home?

VisionLINE wood fireplaces and wood heaters offer safety, efficiency, and the latest in innovative technology. All fireplaces meet Australian standards, are crafted with state-of-the-art technology, are energy-efficient, and come with comprehensive warranties.

How do I maintain my VisionLINE wood fireplace in the Sunshine Coast?

Regular cleaning ensures efficiency and longevity. Always check your flue and cap, clean your fireplace, and empty ashes. Regular maintenance helps create a picture-perfect ambiance and ensure your wood fireplace or wood heater operates at peak performance.

Are VisionLINE wood heaters in Sunshine Coast energy efficient?

Yes, VisionLINE’s range of wood heaters for Sunshine Coast residents are highly energy-efficient, offering warmth while minimising environmental impact.

Where can I get a stylish, modern wood heater on the Sunshine Coast?

VisionLINE offers contemporary wood heaters in the Sunshine Coast that are not only functional but also beautifully designed. Whether it’s the compact Circle, the innovative Spin, or the modern Pera, you have a choice of elegant heating solutions that will transform the ambiance of your home.

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