Fireplace Ideas

Fireplaces are a lovely part of your home. They serve a practical purpose when it’s cold, and are a natural part of the overall aesthetic. As technology has advanced, fireplaces have moved beyond the practical, and they can now be a beautiful and convenient option when designing your lounge room, bedroom, or even outdoor entertainment area. Of course, with all the modern possibilities for heating, you might be a little overwhelmed. So if you’re struggling for fireplace ideas, we’re here to help.

Fireplace Design Ideas

At VisionLINE, we have a number of different fireplaces, and one of them is bound to fit perfectly into your home. This can be both figuratively and literally, as our range of sizes means you’re bound to find one that suits your home.

Modern Electric Fireplace Ideas

Electric heaters, for example, now come in such range and style that you no longer have to think purely of practicality when choosing how to heat your home. Our electric heaters are beautifully designed and have that slick, modern look. If you’re struggling for electric fireplace ideas, take a look at the VisionLINE Linear Electrical Fireplace. It is the focal point of any room. Our broad range of sizes on this incredible product means it can be fitted just about anywhere, to suit the look you’re going for, while also heating your home.

contemporary electric fireplace in modern loungeroom

Wood Heater Fireplace Designs

Of course, we have some equally beautiful wood heaters as well. No longer do wood heaters have to be so dated and cumbersome. For example, our Spin Wood Burning Stove spins 360 degrees, and has a self-closing door system. It isn’t an intrusive size, and can be a trendy addition to your home.
You might also be interested in our Taurus heater, which is offered in three different models, and combines a more traditional wood heater look with the modern option of self-closing doors.

Wood Heater Fireplace Designs

For assistance deciding on a fireplace for your home, call our fireplace specialists 1300 219 875.